2020 Climate Emission Reduction

A better world through education, unity and action

As a country, we are in the unfortunate position of witnessing first-hand what climate change is doing to our home, plants and animals.

If we continue with ‘business as usual’ we are condemning our children and children around the world to a future with more severe and devastating storms, food shortages as the plants and animals fail to adapt at the rate of change and increased war as countries fight for survival.

We need to act – and invest in the future

We can’t just build bunkers or fireproof air-conditioned homes to mitigate climate change. We all need to act immediately to reduce our emissions and encourage those around the globe to do the same. Australians are some of the largest carbon emitters on the planet. On average each Australian generated 16.9 tonnes of CO2 in 2017.  We need to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions. Sounds impossible… but not if we change our behaviour and significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Yes, it might at first be more expensive, but there are options which in fact can be savings. Think of it as an investment in our children’s future, rather than a cost. How many of us volunteer at schools, fundraise or pay more to provide our children with a better education for that future? What is the point? if we do nothing towards safeguarding their home and their environment.

Taking charge and acting saves our environment and grows new jobs

We have hope and a pathway to both economic and environmental prosperity if we unite and act in a pragmatic but urgent fashion. Each of us can contribute towards reducing our carbon emissions as well as educating others with real facts not fake news. We need to personally, in business and as a nation make investments in our future to reduce the enormous future costs of doing nothing.

Australia has abundant supplies of uranium which it exports to provide low carbon nuclear power for countries (incl US, Canada and France), is a world leader in solar power and has plenty of land and sun it can harness to reduce our emissions. We can build low carbon power and transport with community will and government providing the enabling legislation, policies and infrastructure. We are innovative and can build new industries and jobs providing low carbon products and services to the world. To do that we need to educate others, unite and act now. Not forget about our bushfire disaster when it rains and complain about the price increase on fruit and vegetables.

The more I educate myself, the more my commitment grows to act

To do my part, I have personally been making reducing emissions a focus in the decisions I make each day including;

  • changing over our energy provider to renewable power
  • significantly reducing the amount of plastics, water, resources we use
  • encouraging and offering to support our local primary/high school to install solar power
  • looking into how to change my super to an ethical super fund.

On the business side, I have been working with like-minded professionals (concerned for our future) who have reached out to me after my last insight ‘What does the future hold?’ and started a movement called Climate Action Australia. We’re thinking globally, acting locally. Inaction is costly and deadly. Together, we amplify our voice and impact.

Our Vision is ‘Taking immediate action on climate change to keep Australia safe.’

Our Mission is to;

  • Educate as an aggregated source of trusted climate change and low carbon emissions information
  • Unite the community to lobby government, industry and the community with the power of many voices and a clear message: to make climate action their top priority.
  • Act quickly and effectively to reduce carbon emission at home, work, in our local communities and nationally.

Be part of the change with us and act

Read through our website, join Climate Action Australia and let me know how you would like to be involved and contribute (write opinion pieces, share reports, tools or latest information, provide feedback and connections, provide funding/sponsorship).

Natalie Chapman
MD, gemaker

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