Featuring scientists, community members and some very cute animations, these videos have helped make the internet a more entertaining and informative place to learn about climate science and policy.

Climate science explainers

Monash University | ClimatePulse

From the impacts of climate change on Australia’s wine production to whether the Australian Open is getting hotter each year, these well-researched videos make climate change relevant to everyday Australian lives.

Australian Academy of Science | Climate science

The rate of extreme weather events has risen over the past 40 years. This discusses how science has determined that some are linked to climate change.

NASA | A year in the life of Earth’s CO2

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

Bill Nye the Science Guy | Climate Change 101

The famous scientist cuts through the global warming noise and lays out the facts.

CICERO | The History of Climate Change negotiations in 83 seconds

Norwegian climate research institute uses cute graphics to explain a complex political process.

US National Public Radio | The Carbon Footprint Of A Sandwich

A fun way to see how carbon emissions are generated from an everyday item.

Climate solutions


Feature-length documentary about a filmmaker who travels the world to meet with innovators and changemakers working on new approaches and solutions to climate change.

US Public Broadcasting Service | The Best Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Clear and engaging video with easy to understand graphics focused on what individuals can do to decrease their emissions and make a meaningful difference.

Australian climate policy

Australian Academy of Science | Emissions targets: How’s Australia tracking?

Behind the political spin to find the truth about how Australia is tracking against the emissions reductions targets for 2030.

Australian Academy of Science | Climate hope: the world must unite

David Attenborough and other scientists make an impassioned plea for action on climate change.

Renewable energy

The Climate Council | Getting it done with Gusto

Residents of Hepburn Shire are living in a truly renewable community, where each and every activity – from the morning commute, right through to cooking the evening meal – is powered by renewable energy.

Tom Scott | The Problem with Renewable Energy

As the world switches to renewable energy – and we are switching – there’s a problem you might not expect: balancing the grid.

Talking about climate change

Katharine Hayhoe | The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it

A climate scientist shows how the key to having a real discussion about climate change is to connect over shared values like family, community and religion — and to prompt people to realize that they already care about a changing climate. 

Climate change for kids

The Climate Council | Greenhouse gases are a bit like a doona

A cute animation to explain climate change simply.

The Climate Council I Meet Daisy, Student Striker

Follows Daisy Jeffrey, organiser of the School strike for climate in Australia for a window into the youth climate movement.

Climate justice

US Public Broadcasting Service | Why Climate Change is anti-justice

How climate change will impact some people more than others.

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network | Standing together to protect country

How climate change is affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how climate change is an opportunity to create a just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities, powered by renewable energy.