Innovation & funding

 “We have more renewable resources per person than any other nation on earth. More sunlight, more wind, more wave and tidal power per person than just about anywhere on the planet. We have the technology, we have the finance, we have the wherewithal and we have the public support.” – Greg Bourne, chairman of the Australian Government’s renewable energy agency (ARENA)

Investing in future innovations

The window of opportunity for emissions reductions is closing. In order to reduce emissions enough to ensure a safe and healthy future, we need to invest in ambitious technologies in clean energy, low-carbon technologies and social innovation.

Australia has the capacity to be a world leader in climate action and renewable energy. We have unparalleled renewable energy resources. We have the necessary scientific skills.

Seed funding, R&D, product development, commercialisation and export funding for climate technologies is becoming increasingly available.

Government, investors and business play an important role in bringing climate innovation to market. But the world doesn’t have time to wait for the market to decide. We need to act now to support and fund innovations that are in the national, and global, interest.

 “We can build a huge industry in our country exporting renewables to the world and we should be leaning into that for job creation and for the economic growth.” – Mike Cannon-Brookes

Betting on Solutions: Taking Action to Solve the Climate Crisis

In South Australia, one entrepreneur, Mike Cannon-Brooks, had enough of the region’s life-threatening power blackouts and knew clean energy could help.

Renewable energy startup showcase with Mike Cannon-Brookes and Robyn Denholm.

In partnership with Innovation Bay, ARENA hosted the Founder Dinner to showcase some of the country’s most promising renewable energy startups.

‘The fog of Australian politics on climate change has obscured a fateful reality: Australia has the potential to be an economic superpower of the future post-carbon world.’ – Ross Garnaut