Funding climate solutions

Urgent calls to act on climate change have spurred governments, businesses and philanthropists around the world to dedicate billions of dollars to innovative climate solutions that produce clean energy, reduce emissions and waste.

For a comprehensive list of funding for clean energy, emissions reduction, waste reduction and social innovations, see our Climate Innovation Funds Database below.

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Videos about financing climate innovation

ARENA | Business Of Renewables

Rising power costs and an uncertain future in energy markets have hit many Australian businesses hard. The time has come for corporate Australia to step up its interest and investment in renewable energy – it’s not just good for the planet, it’s good business.

OECD | Financing action on climate change

From the impacts of climate change on Australia’s wine production to whether the Australian Open is getting hotter each year, these well-researched videos make climate change relevant to everyday Australian lives.

BusinessGovAu | Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is helping Australian businesses to improve their growth capabilities and networks, engage with researchers, foster innovation and encourage commercialisation of novel products, processes or services.

Richard Branson offers scientists multi-million prize to reduce climate change

British tycoon Sir Richard Branson offered a 25 million US dollars prize for the scientist who comes up with a way of extracting greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The Royal Foundation | The Earthshot Prize

In December 2019 Prince William announced the Earthshot Prize: an ambitious set of challenges to inspire a decade of action to repair the planet.

Bill Gates | Energy Innovation

Our modern lifestyles depend on a huge amount of energy. If you could change the price of one thing to lift up the lives of the world’s poorest people, it would be the price of energy.

Funding sources for climate change, reducing emissions and reducing waste

Grants and funding


From research to large-scale deployment, ARENA funding spans the entire innovation chain. They accelerate the affordability of new technologies and build investor confidence in renewable energy projects now and into the future. For example- Advancing Renewables is currently open to support a broad range of development, demonstration and pre-commercial deployment projects that can deliver affordable and reliable renewable energy for Australian families and businesses.

Communities Environment Program

The Australian Government will invest up to $22.65 million this financial year through the Communities Environment Program (CEP) to support a wide range of small-scale, on-ground projects that aim to conserve, protect and manage our environment. Interested community members and organisations will need to contact their local federal Member of Parliament to discuss local environmental priorities and/or their potential projects. 

Low Emissions Technology Development Fund

The Low Emissions Technology Development Fund (LETDF) aims to demonstrate the commercial potential of new technologies and processes to deliver long-term large-scale greenhouse emissions reductions.

Emissions Reduction Fund

The Emissions Reduction Fund provides businesses with the opportunity to earn Australian carbon credit units for every tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent a business stores or avoids emitting through adopting new practices and technologies.

Climate Solutions Fund - Emissions Reduction Fund

Thi will provide an additional $2 billion to continue purchasing low-cost abatement, build on the success of the Emissions Reduction Fund and continue the momentum to reach Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target. The additional funding ensures Australian farmers, businesses and Indigenous communities continue to have opportunities to undertake emissions reduction projects that provide local benefits.

ACT Community Zero Emissions Grants Program

provides funding to eligible community groups and sponsored individuals to lead initiatives which support the ACT’s transition to net zero emissions by 2045. The grants will be delivered through annual targeted rounds with $550,000 of funding available over four years. Up to $25,000 (excluding GST) will be available to eligible applicants.

Accelerating Commercialisation

Up to $1m of matched project funding for Australian resaerchers, SMEs and start-up companies commercialise new technology.


Unilever’s Climate & Nature Fund

Investing $1 billion in new technologies and innovative sustainability solutions. Primarily investing in climate solutions that have been developed and need capital to scale in the market. 

Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund

Investing $1 billion in new technologies and innovative sustainability solutions. Primarily investing in climate solutions that have been developed and need capital to scale in the market. 

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund

Investing $2 billion to support the development of sustainable and decarbonising technologies and services that will enable Amazon and other companies to meet Climate Pledge goals.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

CEFC role is to increase investment in Australia’s transition to lower emissions, they invest to lead the market, operating with commercial rigour to address some of Australia’s toughest emissions challenges – in agriculture, energy generation and storage, infrastructure, property, transport and waste. In investing $10 billion on behalf of the Australian Government, CEFC work to deliver a positive return for taxpayers across their portfolio. 

Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund (REVC)

ARENA’s Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Program fosters skills and management capability. It encourages investment in innovative Australian renewable energy companies to strengthen their chance of success.

Impact Investment Group

This group provides the opportunity to invest in the high-quality infrastructure that is part of Australia’s long term transition to a clean energy system. The funds’ investments have been in Australian utility-grade solar farms, with peak capacities between one and thirty-five megawatts.

Breakthrough energy

An investor-led fund supporting radically new innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions. Established by Bill Gates and a coalition of private investors

QLD Rural & Industry Development Authority Sustainability Loans

Finance up to $1,300,000 to assist in achieving a more productive and sustainable primary production enterprise.


Government rebate finder

The rebates sorter has a wide range of programs from the Australian Government and state and territory governments. Use their rebate sorter to find rebates, assistance, funding, grants, loans, support and assistance.


Virgin Earth Challenge

US$25m prize to encourage development of a commercially viable new technology, process or method to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

Earthshot Prize

A multi-million pound prize for visionaries working to solve Earth’s greatest challenges

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