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Which aspects of your lifestyle emit the most carbon?

Have you ever wondered what reducing CO2 emissions by 1 million metric tonnes means in everyday terms?

These questions and more can be easily answered using the tools we’ve curated below. They’re open access, user-friendly, interactive and based on reputable data.

Be mindful that some of the calculators listed are made by organisations that will advertise their services as a solution to reduce your carbon emissions (e.g. to sell you a carbon offset product). We recommend using these calculators as a guide only, and doing further research before making any decisions.

Useful calculators

Calculate your total emissions

Australian Greenhouse Calculator

by EPA Victoria

Compare your emissions in each lifestyle area to a typical Australian household and a ‘green’ household.

Ecological Footprint calculator

by The Global Footprint Network

Estimates how many earths you would need if everyone had your lifestyle.

Carbon footprint calculator

by Australian Ethical

Estimates your personal carbon impact and those of your investments.

Electricity usage

Carbon Calculator

by Powershop

A simple but effective tool to calculate carbon emissions from electricity usage.


Food Waste Greenhouse Gas Calculator

by Watch my Waste

Aimed at helping businesses understand the emissions from their food waste.


Water Usage Calculator

by Hunter Water

Estimates your annual water consumption and provides tips to reduce it.


by Renew

Helps you plan for a new rainwater tank or improve the performance ofyour existing one.

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator


Ever wonder what 1 million metric tons of CO2 emissions really means? This calculator translates it into easy to understand terms.

Quote comparison tools

Compare solar quotes

by Solarquotes

Get multiple quotes for solar energy systems for your home or business from trusted installers. Contains over 25,000 reviews of solar installers, solar panels and inverters.

Solar and battery advice calculator

by Renew

Fill in a 5-minute survey and receive a report with solar storage options to suit your needs, including electricity savings and the payback period.

Climate projections

Climate projections

by CSIRO and BOM

Using up to 40 global climate models, these projections represent the most comprehensive analysis regarding Australia’s future climate.

Climate action tracker

by New Climate Institute & Climate Analytics

A detailed and regularly updated analysis of how Australia’s efforts to reduce emissions are tracking against its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Our world in data

by University of Oxford

Interactive maps and graphs showing how each country’s emissions have changed over time.

Surging sea levels

by Climate Central

View maps of how neighbourhoods will change based on different amounts of sea-level rise and flooding.

Climate time machine


How some of Earth’s key climate indicators – sea ice, sea level, carbon dioxide and global temperature – are changing over time.