What can i do?

How I can create change

When we are looking at a global problem and we are told Australia’s contribution is so small, it’s hard not to think ‘how will anything I do matter?’. Imagine if we all had that attitude towards paying taxes, or fighting fires as a volunteer. If we all don’t act, it will matter a great deal.

If we all work together, change our behavior and inspire others we can make a difference. Can you remember the ‘hole in the ozone layer’? After governments around the world phased out the use of CFC’s (gases used in refrigerators, air conditioning and deodorant spray), the ozone layer began to heal itself.

This section outlines what you can do to reduce your emissions personally, as a family, as part of your community, in your workplace and as a country.

To reduce emissions, we all need to do what we can within our means by changing our behaviour and attitudes and considering any additional cost as an investment in our future and that of our families and children.

Make sure you also check out these useful reports and climate change resources.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out this motivational film by Australian environmentalist Damon Gameau, director of That Sugar Film

2040 considers practical solutions to environmental concerns with the hope that the filmmaker’s daughter, who will be 21 years old in the year 2040, will face a hopeful future.